Under the guise of improvement or substitutes, commodities are manufactured creating artificial embellishments and representations that project an utopian romantic misunderstanding of nature. Constructed landscapes such as theme parks, zoos, or parks impersonate natural environments and convince consumers with their impacting fantastical tactics. This process is the cultural embodiment of entropy (a dispersing and disordering of useful energy that eventually leads to a stale homogenized mass of matter.) Matter cannot be created or destroyed, so what seems unnatural is truly entropic constructions with untraceable natural originals. By generating copies, institutions sell an unnatural homogenized collage of a disjunctive cultural ideal of nature.  My work exploits the same materials and strategies of hyperreal landscapes and exaggerates the entropic process of their construction.

Scaped 2013 solar lights, silk leaves, aluminum, inkjet print, acrylic, servos, arduino


New Floors 2013 sod, acrylic sealant, plastic

*in the duration of the show, the sod died as shown in the differences in the images


It is as Real as You Make it 2013 5:04 video loop


Saving the Lost 2013 silk flowers, concrete, servos, arduino


Perched 2013 wood, found objects


Peachy 2013 peaches, acrylic, steel rod

*The peaches decayed during the duration of three weeks


See Rock City 2013 wood, plastic, marble chips, lights


Untitled 2013 7:55 two-channel sound installation