This installation took place in Magdeburg and was a part of Mystique a group show in an abandoned building organized by local collective, Kulturanker.


The installation investigates the how the visceral substance of environment such as image, material, sound, and text construct the identity of place. The images are the visual mapping of transitions from affluent to desolate parts of the city, the assemblage sculpture is an accumulation of materials from the photographs, the text is handwritten copy of found descriptions of Magdeburg, and the sound piece increases in volume as the viewer approaches and plays edited recordings taken from room of the installation. Projections of Magdeburg are taken from many mediums and sources, but accumulate as an installation to from an experience of the outside perspective.


Installation view


Materie 2013 inkjet prints, found material


Bild 2013 inkjet prints, found material


Worten 2013 acrylic, dissolving paper, water, marker, aluminum, and servos


Materie 2013 found material


Ton 2013 3:30 sound loop, wood, arduino microcontroller, speakers