Enclosure  2016   foam, plexi-glas, speaker, wood, fabric, plant, vinyl, acrylic  


Spawned   2016   spider plant, wood, concrete, tar, dirt, resin, plastic, vinyl, plaster, wire, steel


18 Tigers  2016   tiger mask, steel, wood, silk, motor, chain, LCD screen, concrete, fencing, dirt

*The video component of this work is contains footage taken from the farm in Zanesville, Ohio where exactly 5 years prior 18 tigers, 17 African lions, 8 bears, 3 cougars, 2 wolves, 1 baboon, and 1 macaque were released from their enclosures, shot by the police and buried in a mass grave onsite. 


The Farther It Goes  2016  4:45 video


Amber Waves   2017  concrete, silicone, plexiglass, watercolor, paper, latex paint, pigment


Leaning 2017  plaster, silicone, clay, tape, charcoal, plaster, acrylic, tempera, wood, wire