The Culture of Nature: North American Landscape from Disney to the Exxon Valdez

Alexander Wilson's The Culture of Nature is highly influential to my practice. Wilson is an American born Canadian settled landscape designer, writer, teacher, activist. Below I have listed some useful quotes from the book that have been influential on myself.


 "There are many natures." p.12

"It's no accident that industrial agriculture, the spread of suburbs, and the growth of mass tourism all coincided in the mid-twentieth century." p.22

"For one thing, the idea of nature as an untrammelled refuge is most attractive to cultures situated at some distance from the rural world, and whose values tend to rest on a rigid distinction between the human and non-human. Utopias, after all, are culturally specific." p.27

"The speeding car is a metaphor for progress. It is always moving ahead-although the effect is the opposite, as if the landscape were moving past us, into the inconsequential shadows of history. In this very limited respect, time has replaced space as the predominant way our experience of the world is organized." p.34