Girls! Girls! Girls!

Coco Pebbles and wax

Tell me true

Dr Pepper and popcorn too.

Heard from you the other


Tell me wrong or right?

Paint and polish

craft and art

Roses that match

Bind our heart.

10-4 Over

May 3, 2013-6-9 PM-Groundfloor Gallery -427 Chestnut Street

Taking inspiration from a poem found among the missed connections on Craigslist, Girls! Girls! Girls! highlights a variety of female artists reflecting on matters ranging from teenage heartthrobs and relationships to female role models, manicures, and memory – all with a sense of wit. Artists include Emily Clayton, Kellie Bornhoft, Rachel Growden, Sarah Growden, and Hannah Taylor, with additions to be made.

Curated by Rachel Growden

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