Few photos from Venice Biennale

After reading from writers such as Julian Stallabrass, and other people who, rightly so, criticize the global art market, visiting a the Venice Biennial for the first time was an experience that deserved more credit than is often given. It was an overwhelming representation of installation and critical art. The experience of several countries representing themselves (some countries such as Germany representing others), was really interesting. Seeing countries such as Turkey, Egypt, China, and others who  have been in political turmoil and what they represented. Egypt and China seemed censored and limited in their exhibitions, which in a way speaks more to culture in their countries than the represented work itself did. Turkey's installation was a part of the protest, being the only country that I visited that openly protested with in the pavilion.  It was an experience that I would recommend for every person. 


Here are a few highlight shots of the show, unedited and just taken on my phone.